mnw is a wordpress plugin which adds openmicroblogging support to wordpress. See README file in the package for more informations.


Note that mnw is published under the GNU Affero General Public License. You have to publish the source code for mnw. If you change nothing, just link to the mnw website.

Current features

mnw gives users of an OMB service the possibility to subscribe to your blog directly. Your blog will automatically send OMB notices to subscribers when you publish a new post, page or attachment (configurable). You may as well post arbitrary OMB notices from the wordpress admin interface.

Moreover, mnw allows your blog to subscribe to a remote user and later on receive his messages. To subscribe to a user, enter your blog‘s URL as your profile URL on the remote user‘s remote subscribe form.



You can obtain mnw through git or from the wordpress plugin directory; for browsing source and history and getting tarballs take a look at (For example a tarball of the newest or the latest stable version).

If you want to clone the repository, you can use my public git repository:

git clone